Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel 1.0

Get the Discovery Channel on the go


  • Easy-to-browse interface
  • Wide selection of video clips
  • Quizzes, TV guides, and photo galleries


  • Most of the clips are pretty short

Very good

If you're a fan of the Discovery Channel then be sure to install this app on your iPhone.

The Discovery Channel application allows you to enjoy lots of content from the popular science and nature channel for free. The video clips are organized into categories, available by clicking the icons at the bottom of the interface.

The categories available are 'Latest Videos', 'Shows', 'News', and 'Most Viewed'. To open a video you just need to tap on the preview image. It does take a while to launch the video, but once it's playing the quality of playback is generally pretty good. You can access playback controls just by tapping on the video as it plays. A 'Browse clips' option offers a neat way to scrobble through videos in a certain category without leaving the player.

The 'More' section in the Discovery Channel app is well worth checking out. Here you can access photo galleries of dinosaurs, animals, landmarks and more. There's also a TV schedule for checking what's coming up on Discovery Channel, plus some cool quizzes that test your knowledge of the Planet.

You won't be able to watch the channel live, but the Discovery Channel app has enough content to keep even the most inquisitive mind occupied.

Discovery Channel


Discovery Channel 1.0

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